Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome the 2000th article of PLoS ONE

Thanks to the Open Access movement, PLoS ONE (PONE) shall be publishing its 2000th article in a few hours from now. This is perhaps becoming a special moment for all those linked to the success of this wonderful publishing project. I think the credit goes to its managers, an overwhelmingly efficient editorial board, thousands of qualified referees who respond to a fast peer-review process and a seamless electronic workflow.

Having said that, I feel it’s getting almost a norm to listen about PONE’s strides and therefore, I can’t say how festive this occasion is going to be! …happening and burgeoning, going from strength to strength in such a short period of not even 2 years, PONE is often making (and breaking) records.

This reminds me of a shouting blog post when PONE published its 500th paper in just 25 weeks of its launch. Soon after, the 1000th article was accepted on September 20, 2007. Although the corresponding blog post was not that shouting, it mentioned the article acceptance was chosen to match another special occasion - birthday of Chris Surridge, first Managing Editor of PONE. What a special birth day gift!
… it will be interesting to know whose birthday coincides with 2000th PONE article!