Friday, December 12, 2008

A PLoS ONE article that is hot favourite of F1000 Editors

Last month I evaluated on F1000 an article from PLoS ONE that addressed infection as a driving force for the extinction of rats native of Christmas Island. The importance of this timely study was also discussed on BLoG ONE. Apparently, it appears that the F1000 evaluation of this article has been taken on quite a good note. It just appeared in the latest issue of the F1000 update wherein the Editors of F1000 reinforce the opinion that the PLoS ONE paper indeed provides important evidence that infectious diseases are a potential cause of future extinctions of endangered mammalian species. The original article is freely available for anyone to read, rate and comment.

Good-bye CDFD

Finally, today I said good-bye to CDFD, the institute where I worked for more than 10 years. It has been a wonderful experience being there and having enjoyed each and every moment of a busy scientific career. The University of Hyderabad, my new employer, extended a warm welcome also to my advocacy of Science 2.0, PLoS ONE and Open Access in general. Change is for the betterment - lets see how true.