Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gut Pathogens: a new forum for enteric health at the interface of changing microbiology

Today is the special day for us and the ISOGEM; we launched Gut Pathogens, the 200th Open Access journal of the Biomed Central. Gut Pathogens is a new OA journal publishing articles on all aspects of the biology and pathogenesis of bacterial, parasitic and viral infections of the gut, including their diagnosis and clinical management.

Gut Pathogens shall be the official journal of The International Society for Genomic and Evolutionary Microbiology (ISOGEM) and is supported by a qualified Editorial Board of active scientists and clinicians. We have detailed in the launch Editorial how we hope that an open access journal in this field will provide a high-quality forum for research on enteric infections of humans and animals, facilitating the practice of preventive and social medicine for the benefit of the patients.

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